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Choose your pricing plan

  • Drop In Only

    Once in a while member
    • Pay-per-use classes or facilities
    • $10/hour classes or independant training

    Zumba, Body Blast
    Valid for 2 months
    • New at The Garage!! CLASS PASS PUNCH CARDS!! $90/10 classes
    • Instructor: Shawn Pender-Steyaert/Heidi Nunn
    • CASH ONLY available at beginning of class
    • Mondays at 7 pm, Thursdays at 7 pm
    • Body Blast-Wednesdays at 7 pm
    • TRX - Mondays at 6 pm, Thursday’s at 6pm
  • Basic Membership

    Every month
    24/7 gym access
    • 24/7 gym access.
    • $20 deposit required for key
    • Does not include classes or personal training.
  • Christmas Special

    Every year
    +CA$20 key deposit
    Discounted one year membership
    • 12 months of membership for the price of 10.
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